How To Control Wife By Vashikaran Mantra

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Simple and powerful totke to control wife

Women are fickle and ambitious by nature. She pressures her spouse to fulfil all the needs. Forces her to follow his gesture. When there is a shortfall in it, she becomes very hostile at times. Due to this atmosphere of discord in the house becomes, from the dining table to the bed. If something similar is happening with you and you are upset by her shriek and taunting habits. Then you can use the following totke to control wife to get a relaxed life.

  • Apply a special type of tilak on the forehead of the wife during daily pooja. For this, write your wife’s name using Gorochan on the lotus leaf. After that, grind it and make tilak.
  • This remedy can be done by taking the wife in faith. By applying a paste made of turmeric, ghee, mustard, betel leaf and cow urine on the body of the wife. She comes under control. Keep in mind that while doing this, the wife should not realize at all that the work you are doing is being done to keep her under control

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Powerful and simple mantra for attracting a wife

A man’s mental anguish is exacerbated when it is revealed that his wife is not in his control, or she has started wanting someone else. Witchcraft, captivating spells and ritual measures are very effective for bringing such a wife under control. So, let’s have a look at a simple mantra for attracting a wife.

  1. This measure to tame a wife is done very carefully in solitude
  2. For this, it is necessary to chant the special mantra 108 times
  3. You can start the rituals and mantras from the first date of the Krishna Paksha of any month
  4. During the mantra chanting, replace the word of the mantra with the wife’s name
  5. On the eighth day, make 108 aahuti from mixed ingredients of Shakalya, jaggery, guggul, and ghee.
  6. The mantra will get Siddha after this
  7. While using the Siddha Mantra read it in the mind seven times in front of any food item
  8. Then blow the food item and feed it to the wife
  9. The effect of this will change the nature of the wife
  10. Gradually she will come under your control
  11. We are not telling you the mantra here. Because for the mantra to work initiation is very important from a person who already has siddhi over this mantra

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How to control wife mind by vashikaran mantra and totke in Hindi

Many people ask us why don’t you provide wife vashikaran mantra in Hindi. So if this is your question too. Then you can read the previous article if you want to know how to control wife mind that we have written in Hindi. And it the event, you find it difficult to find Hindi articles then feel free to approach our astrologer for wife vashikaran totke. Don’t worry there are no charges for consultation. So contact us right now.