Astrology for a solution towards caste problem

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Astrology for a solution towards caste problem: So basically what does a marriage indicate? For me, it is a sign of two individual’s formal union through which they gain societal acceptance. It is also required with the consent of two adults who makes a wise and informed choice. Apart from this, the ultimate purpose of a marriage is the happiness of the two individuals because they are moving forward to establish a family. However, if it only important to two adult choices then why does third-person disagreement involve a reason behind the breaking of marriage.

Besides, marriage doesn’t base on caste-based choices but based on the preference of the individual, irrespective of caste. However, still for most of the orthodox mindset people, inter caste marriage is against modern democratic and liberal ethics. Apart from all these things, we all know that these days inter caste marriages have become a frequent matter. But in this article, we will be discussing love marriage problems solution by astrology prediction. Like why does intercaste marriage face these problems? Is it true that Love marriage prediction by astrology can signify the problems coming or upcoming in intercaste love marriage? We will be discussing right over here.

How can we predict intercaste love marriage in destiny or the problems up to come in it?

Lagna is the chief point of a horoscope in male & female horoscope, 5th house plays a role for love marriage, and the eleventh house for fulfilment of desire. However, the moon chart and navamsha chart and d-7 is also seen for the marriage of male and female. If we simply check horscope, 6th house and seventh house can be a causes of inter caste marriage, can be observe by the Kundli.

Rahu aspect on seventh or its lord also indicates intercaste marriage as Venus ,rahu in 6th or 8th,denotes inter caste marriage too.

The Moon and mars in 6/8 position also point towards intercaste marriage. Both mars and venus in angle or in 12th are the grounds of intercaste marriage.

Moreover the intercaste marriage will depend and depends on the love affair, for this arrangement of intercaste also ensure the love affair combination of 5th lord,or 7th lord or both Vakri, love affair will be there,Mars, venus rahu in 7th also be a sign of love marriage, and various others signs can be detected through your horoscope.

Problematic situations in intercaste love marriage

For the analyze of life partner As per the Vedic Astrology and Palm astrology for love marriage, the 7th house in the horoscope is initially checked. Similarly, 4th house counting from 7th house happens to be the 10th house of a horoscope which signifies mother-in-law. Accordingly,

  • 4th house signifies father in law.
  • 9th house signifies brother or sister in-laws.
  • 8th house signifies the family of the spouse.

while analyzing the relationship between marriage problems and in-laws All the above-mentioned houses are important. Marriage problems with in-laws will arise If the houses and their Lords are beneath afflictions. These problems with in-laws also affect the marriage as well.

But you shouldn’t worry about these problems that can anytime come into your life. Because these are some basic concepts behind love marriage issues. Like in what way these problems come in your destiny. Besides Mantra to get a Love marriage solution is possible and let me explain it to you. Because astrology first lets you know about the upcoming tribulations in your life so that it could aware of you thus you get rid of that problem by Astrology solution towards caste problem.

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