Totke to remove black magic

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What are the totke can genuinely help me well to remove black magic?

These are some of the most important totke, you should definitely try right now that can help you to remove evil harm of black magic done upon you. Such as:-

  1. First of all, do with lemon make Utara on every amavasya in the night to get-rid of unenthusiastic energy of any kind.
  2. wear pendent of Jatamansi, yellow mustard and sindoor of hanumanji.
  3. don’t use liqueur and also Don’t eat non-veg on no moon night.
  4. regularly Visit any temple at the time of arti and after arti let the pundit put water on you. This is renowned well from the numerous powerful Mantra to remove black magic that will immediately save you from any negativity and will help you to remove black magic.
  5. before taking bath put some tulsi leaves in bathing water.
  6. Installation of durga yantra, mahakali yantra, swastik yantra on the door of home. Hanuman yantra, business place etc extremely very helpful to protect from black magic.
  7. Do worship hanumanji and on tuesday, saturday and amavasya take 108 rounds of hanumanji, this totka will definitely help you to black magic solution free and also save you from any evil eye effects.
  8. pendent of yellow mustard, jaayfal and jata mansi is also a good one To reverse the strong effect of negative energies.

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